When I watched this video, I thought “what depressed individuals” from the tone of it, but that’s produced video for you, isn’t it? They set out to convey a message with a tone. The responses from the interviewed almost seemed rehearsed. The stutters and hesitations in speech just didn’t sound genuine. Each candidate was asked who would miss them and why they wanted to do it. You’d think any serious candidate for a program like this would be more about the history they’d be making or how they dreamed about space since they were kids, but instead we heard stories about how much they would rather not be on earth and want to start fresh on another planet. They seemed more depressed about life rather than looking forward to an amazing opportunity to do something incredible with it.

One guy just came off as a creep who just never fit in with human beings. Another was a family man who obviously wasn’t happy to be one enough to care about what his kids would do without a father or what his wife would feel, despite his saying that he would “consider not going” if his kids asked him to stay.

Apparently, Mars One is a privately-funded mission, being led by some rich Dutch guy named Bas Lansdorp. If you read up on it, it actually seems legit. Might even happen, but this, like everything else on the planet these days is reality TV. Nonetheless, I’ll definitely be keeping up with this. Too intriguing not to.